Bride-Buying (A Trade Industry)


Bride buying, most commonly known as bride purchasing for marriage, is the world trade industry that sells a woman to become property. Someone who owns a bride can repurchase or resell women at any cost and instance.

The process of selling a bride is accessible in countries like Iran, Iraq, China, India, Vietnam, and some other countries that practice the act as a form of marriage for convenience. In most cases, the deprived sections of society often accept the practice. There are still a few countries in the world that continuously maintain their industry due to the low ratio of males to females even if it is illegal. The trade allows some parts of the countries to generate equal population and uses women to impregnate a male offspring.

The Disadvantages Of The Trade


The issue that comes along with this kind of trade industry is the abuse that a woman can get from their traders and owners. Women are sold, raped, and married off without consent. In some parts of the country, women are not recognized as wives but also laborers or house workers and sex slaves. Brides who are for sale are not allowed to have the right to complain about their fate because the trading industry solely protects the buyers and traders’ contract. Therefore, once women already serve their purpose, they can easily get resold and repurchased depending on their value, which includes their age, strength, literacy, beauty, physical health, and capability to work.

There are tons of reported cases about women trafficking and based on statistics, women from ages 10 to 18 years old are highly tradable. Though most governments in some parts of the countries in the world try to evaluate the rampant bride buying, there are tons of organizations that fail to determine the actual number of transactions made in a year. Though there are reported cases of those who are saved from illegal trafficking, there is still a vast number of trading that are continuously left unsolved. The average statistics of human rights violations are reported from trafficking, kidnapping, and online selling.

Factors That Sustain The Trade


The primary reason why bride purchasing is rampant all over the world is that of poverty. It somehow gives the buyer and trader the advantage of continuously securing the process of trading. The increasing global economic imbalance is also a leading factor that allows the process to show a profit. Also, education serves as the underlying problem of the trade since women that are being sold happen to be less educated and that makes them vulnerable to becoming a victim of these kinds of transactions. Aside from that, the cost of the brides who are up for sale is less expensive that’s why the trading industry can efficiently manage to sell tons of women all over the world. Each rate of a bride for sale varies depending on their traders as well.

Bride buying affects the economic industry because it somehow negatively manages to sustain a billion-dollar transaction from illegally organized industries. The need for labor and demand for sex-related business has been proven to support the trade.