Unconventional Ways To Get Your Mental Health On Track Before Hosting An Event For The First Time

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Has your mental health been a little unstable since you found out that you’ll be able to host a conference for the first time?

It is easy to tell that your shaky feelings are not because of your unwillingness to do the job. The opposite may be true, considering the news might overjoy you. Nonetheless, you don’t have it if you feel nervous about the upcoming event. That is the typical reaction of people who are so close to seeing their dreams turn into reality.

While we cannot prescribe you with calming pills or diagnose your issues at this instant, what’s obvious is that you may be worried about your memory failing you once you hit the stage. There is a buildup of anxiety. Perhaps you believe it when Marla W. Deibler, PsyD says, “It’s ‘normal’ to experience some degree of anxiety when stressors are unfamiliar, unpredictable, or imminent.” However, it is unacceptable for hosts, after all, to forget the script they prepared or be unable to come up with ad-libs to make the guests or audience comfortable. If that happens, you may have to change your career and focus on something that does not require you to speak in public.

In case you refuse to turn your back on your dreams, though, here are some unconventional ways to strengthen your memory and keep your mental health on track.

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Challenge Yourself To Do Something Different

I have once read a witty saying on one of my friends’ Facebook posts. “When things do not go right, you should go left.” It may sound too cheesy or childish at first, but it genuinely makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

You may feel as if your memory skills are not good enough because you have been doing the same thing in every waking day of your life. Thus, your nerve cells have already decided not to be productive. If you are used to staying at your home, doing nothing, or working overtime, doing everything, you may want to interchange those activities to spice up your dreary life. Challenge yourself to do something different every once in a while to see an improvement in your memory. Alicia H. Clark, Psy.D. says “The sensation of pressure doesn’t have to be negative—it can be a positive challenge and motivating.”

Go Heavy On Caffeine

This trick will be as easy as ABC for those who live and breathe for coffee, but for some who are not very fond of any caffeinated beverage (myself included), I guess there is no other choice but to L-O-V-E it if you want to retain your sharp memory for the conference. It has been mentioned in an article that caffeine can protect a person from memory decline. As the drinker’s increases, too, the caffeine becomes more active, so you should have at least one cup of coffee or tea every day to be able to maintain your strong recollection.

SPOILER ALERT: There is just one little glitch on that study — they have found out that the magic of caffeine only works for women and not for men. The logic behind it remains a mystery even for scientists. So, you should go heavy on caffeine at your own risk.

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Spend Time Away From Home

Harvey Earl Wilson, the journalist who was famous for his column, called It Happened Last Night, once said that “vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” I do not know about you, guys, but fall is my favorite season of the year. It is the time when my siblings, my parents, and I get to spend a lot of time together because of the many holidays that are associated with it. The fact that I manage to stay away from all the worries that work and studies offer all year round is refreshing as well. If it does not take place,  we will be like a bottle of cola that has been shaken vigorously. When you open it at once, then BOOM! Everything becomes a sticky mess.

Try to assess how much you are being affected by your problems and think of the advantages of going away for a while. It is like listening to Andrea Bonior, Ph.D., clinical psychologist suggestion. “Whether you suffer from a seasonal affective disorder or not, the evidence is strong that getting outside just for a little bit can be very helpful,” she says. You may sleep near the beach or drink and party with your friends till you drop if you wish. You can enjoy your life for once and reduce the risk of having a degenerating memory. I am not saying that you should spend all of your earnings on one trip; it is enough to pay a little more than usual so that you can pamper yourself before going back to the “real world.”

Put Things In Disarray Occasionally

This idea is for you if you are a person who has notes all over your desk or refrigerator door because you do not want to forget things. E.g., grocery days, football games, and date nights, among others.

Being organized is excellent, but too much of it can make your memory decline since you only get to see the same things all the time. If you feel like you practically have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) by now, and it is not doing anything useful with your retention, you can try to put things in disarray on purpose sometimes. This way, you’ll be able to put them back in order the next day and clear your head in the process. Don’t worry; you won’t be fooling yourself by doing so. You are merely testing if you can still remember where some things should be situated at.

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If, however, that shaky feeling doesn’t leave you despite following the mentioned recommendations, it would be best to talk to a professional counselor from BetterHelp. It is an online platform that is dedicated to providing you with more information and strategies on how to keep your mental health at bay. There have been many positive reviews from past and current clients.  Signing up is easy and convenient, so you might consider doing it today and finally get rid of that unpleasant feeling.

Final Thoughts

It cannot possibly be easy for everyone to stand in front of hundreds of strangers and talk as if they have known each other for long. Some people may have that skill, but there are others who need a little push to realize how they should react to lovely news.

Try the activities mentioned above regardless of how unconventional they may be. You may find one that will calm your nerves and allow you to prepare for the big event. Good luck!


7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mental Focus

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Focusing on something is a difficult task to do. This is especially true these days wherein too much distraction can destroy your concentration. (Not even therapy online can readily fix the issue.) Noisy surroundings, social media, and even other circumstances can distract your mental focus. The more you try to focus on something the more difficult it is for you to achieve 100 percent concentration. Focusing needs to be practiced and learned. Distractions can affect how well you are doing, to learn new things, and to accomplish something that you want.  Being unfocused can bring out stress in you.

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The Therapist And The Essence Of Knowing The Theories, Analysis, And Treatment in Psychotherapy

The extension of a psychotherapeutic treatment would result in lesser treatment textbooks that can fit specific cases. Therapists need to know sufficient theory with the significance that explains the processes to induce how a particular issue can end to a resolution. There are similar topics in https://www.emeraldcity24hrvet.com/

It is possible for a therapist to make improvements regarding their judgment while individualizing step-specific therapy plans using unbiased theory. As a result, they can make inferences regarding the proper arrangements for any phase of a specific treatment to boost the amount of success for that particular therapy.

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The Difference In Approach

The difference of approach is visible on the subject of the attitude of a therapist in the activation stimulation of a patient’s irrational pattern of intense emotions during the therapy. The communications in the session area are used in clarification to analyze illogical projections during their transference-based advancement. There is a necessity to establish a stable structure of limitations to prevent disruptive emotions in demolishing a working alliance. Because according to Stacy Donn Cristo, LMHC, “While many therapists are qualified to treat common challenges such as anxiety or depression, if you are interested in working with a specialist to address a specific challenge, you should consider looking out-of-network.”

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“Therapy can be an important component of our professional identity as we learn from our own therapists.” Tyger Latham Psy.D. explains. Meaning, there is a focus on hatred as a method to feel strong, and revenge as an approach to control an individual in the cognitive-behavioral approach similar to transference-based approach. Transference-based approach regards the stimulation of hate as a defensive mechanism against fear of personality disintegration.  


The Theory

Numerous authors contribute to the formulation and theory of etiology. They specify the borderline using the context of normal personality range, relations, and overlapping personality disorders. As such, the ideology of their treatment can be distinct or similar to cognitive-behavioral steps for borderline personality issues. An example is dialectical behavior therapy.

Necessity For Different Approaches

There is a necessity to experience and tolerate confused condition and explosive state cycles in both transference-based and cognitive behavior therapy approach. The objective is to increase the stability condition in the first steps of both treatments. It is the first phase regarding supportive treatment and pharmacologic approaches. The therapists need to have a good comprehension to go towards psychotherapy integration. A proficient comparison would be transference-focused psychotherapy to the current therapies such as cognitive therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and Mentalization-based care.


The Signs

In psychopathology, threats are recognizable as both signs and symptoms. It also acts as a trial regarding the skills of the therapist for patients to observe if they can safely move forward. Such signs and symptoms are referable to homicidal impulses, suicide impulses, and substance abuse. In some cases, it can be mild depending on the level of psychopathology needs of a person.

Source: en.wikipedia.org

The focus on borderline personality disorder is most appropriate for psychotherapy researchers with basic training of three or more years. That is why “The diagnosis of “borderline personality disorder” carries a profound stigma for many people. Even some mental health professionals use the term pejoratively, which is not difficult considering that the diagnosis itself implies that someone’s personality is flawed,” says Stacey Freedenthal, PhD, LCSW.

They may be able to find a breakthrough and gain ideas of psychotherapy and use them to make improvements about the specific personality disorders of the patients. There are various noteworthy manuals and books for a therapist. However, the authors of these books would not quote all relevant literature even in a specific personality disorder and reading everything is an impossible feat even with summarization because it needs actual application.

Volunteer Resources For Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Other Healthcare Specialists

Plenty of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and other healthcare specialists are finding ways to volunteer and provide their services pro-bono to assist the masses in need. It is still far from meeting the desired quantity of such volunteers to support all the programs around the globe. We are hoping to aid in filling in the current gaps for such kinds of volunteer individuals to increase the efficiency of volunteering projects.

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We have gathered the resources and assets to make it a bit simpler and smoother for volunteering enthusiasts to find ways that can help people which is the most suitable for the professional’s interests, skills, and time allocation. There are a variety of projects that range from a few hours with no harsh commitments to those, which only needs an hour a week to provide therapy. There are also projects that will require short trips up to extended stays in a foreign country.

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There are several exceptional professional services that are accessible online. Examples would be the programs of United Nations in which specialists and professionals would communicate online with international NGOs, educational establishments, organizations, and agencies of the United Nations to assist in addressing developmental hurdles. Organizations, foundations, and support groups are trying to improve their methodology in recruiting, supervising, and deployment of healthcare volunteers to boost the advantage for everyone.

The Resources Include:

There are national programs that assist the returning veterans and their families such as – RSVP, National Social Justice Initiative, United We Serve, MaleSurvivor, and the Red Cross. Organizations match individuals who want to volunteer using agencies and project seeking volunteers such as Global Volunteer Network, AAAS “On Call” Scientists, Volunteer Match, Health Care Volunteer, and International Health Volunteer.

Local programs are Fremont Community Therapy Project, Greater Victoria Citizens’ Counseling Centre in Victoria, The Fostering Connection in New York City, Walk-In Counseling Center in Minneapolis, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics & Walden House in San Francisco, Volunteers in Psychotherapy in Hartford, and The Ark in Chicago.

Programs which focus on foreign countries, borders, and areas such as Psychologists Working with Children with Autism, Counselors Without Borders, Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, Psychology Beyond Borders, International Rescue Committee, Info Nepal, and International Rescue Committee.

The lists and resources above are some of the active programs that offer services for free. In line with that, they can be helpful to professionals who are just beginning to look for a suitable process in volunteering their services for individuals who currently need their skills and knowledge. We only listed several representatives of local programs in hopes that they could serve as models for areas that lack the same volunteering services that focus on health care practicality.

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The base number of psychiatrists, physicians and other healthcare volunteers concerning people with SMI (Severe Mental Illness) is diminutive and inconstant. However, there are numerous potential programs for current and future volunteering. Although many volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, there is still a dire need for volunteers with healthcare professions. The increase of such volunteers will not only profit the populace with SMI but it will also increase life-saving proportions for other programs.

Looking At the International Trade And Investment

International trade and investment is the driving force toward national and economic development. The need for new and revolutionary means for trading and investing has kept the regulatory framework going.

Currently, trade and investment are quickly evolving with the world economy regarding pattern, shape, and size. Such as the change in the digital economy, the growth of service sectors, and international distribution of production which are revolutionary for global commerce.

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How To Organize A Successful Conference

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Organizing conferences require tremendous time, planning, people, and effort. Details must be fleshed out, and event organizers must be prepared for the unexpected. For beginners, organizing a conference may seem like a tough hurdle to jump over. To help you and the others, here are the necessary steps to pulling a successful conference.

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Focusing And The Philosophy Of The Implicit

Take a look at these situations. There are times that you feel blocked, like writer’s block but with other activities, you have to do in your life. You have recent achievements that people commend you for, but you feel unworthy or fake somehow. You react mainly to everything, overreacting to even the smallest of things. You feel overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make lately, feeling like everything has been happening so fast.

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Mindset Over Matter: Prepping For Focused Ingenuity And Success

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The key is how you elevate the mind in its ability to focus on specific areas in your life that counts.

Success is for anyone who yearns for it and earns it. Success is more than being a slave to the grind or tilling your soil until you’ve exhausted your ground. No one ingredient or formula is applied to pave your way to your goals and achieving them. There are just too many factors surrounding it. People’s ability to imagine and create is profoundly affected by the way they perceive a particular predicament.

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