Different Types Of Volunteer Projects You Would Want To Join Now

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Lending a helping hand to those who need assistance, be it a person, an animal, or the mother Earth, doesn’t only exist in social media. Every person on the internet may be familiar with the “one-like/one-share equals one prayer” strategies and campaigns on a social media platform. While in some instances this may be proven helpful, the definition of ‘reaching out’ exists in a whole different term and perspective. Such as the case of volunteer counseling according to https://ccoea.com/.

It is not uncommon that you hear the word ‘volunteer’ be it in a social or academic community setting. Volunteerism is mainly defined as the act or practice of doing volunteer work (free/without pay labor) in community service for a variety of useful causes. Volunteer projects may be short- or long-term projects. Other assignments may also be abroad or local.

There is a variety of causes that urge one to either join or organize a volunteer program. If you think about participating or hosting one, you are free to consider the different types of projects and choose from any causes and volunteer activities that you support and enjoy doing.


Humanitarian Projects

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A typical example of a volunteer activity that falls into this category is a relief/emergency program for a place or area hit by a natural disaster. A humanitarian project, however, is not just limited to this kind of activity.

This type of volunteer program focuses on the welfare of other people. Causes may range from fighting hunger and poverty, helping victims of abuse and war to bring joy to those with illnesses.

Activities may also include teaching (or mentoring), cooking for feeding programs, providing assistance in building homes and repacking of goods, organizing games and parties for children, and even a simple lending of ears and shoulder for those who need it.

The best part of joining humanitarian volunteer project? You see the fruit of your work instantly – the happy smiles and a lot of thank yous from the people you’ve helped.


Environmental/Conservation Programs

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Pollution and global warming are also considered by a lot of environmentalist volunteers around the world. This type of volunteer program focuses on the different ways of keeping the surroundings green and clean.

Typical activities for an environmental volunteer cause include tree planting, coastal cleaning, and information dissemination activities. More often than not, these events may require some hard physical efforts as the projects are results-oriented. But in the end, a significantly clean and green surrounding will literally and figuratively make you breathe better.


Animal Welfare Projects

These type of projects are commonly offered by the animal welfare societies and animal shelters. This may include a simple walking of the dogs from the shelter. Fostering and opening your home to new pets is also possible.

This volunteerism type, however, commonly requires training as different breeds of animals need different care. The best part of volunteering at an animal shelter? The animals are in itself stress-relieving. You will come to know and bond with them like a real best friend. Because of the fun that comes with this type of volunteering, animal shelters report being packed with volunteers most of the time.

In volunteering, real effort is exerted and a significant amount of time is utilized, but at the end of the day, you will see your hard work being paid off. Whoever it may be that you provided assistance with, they will instantly be oozing with a silent thank yous and smiling faces that for sure will be forever etched in you. Choose a volunteer program near you now and see for yourself how the phrase “Everything is worth it.” feels like.