Economic Literacy: Marriage Becomes A Source Of Financial Downfall



Surprisingly, marriage has become less important for most people nowadays and is considered something that is less valuable in life. Though there are some that think about it as something they have to attain when they reach a certain age, it still doesn’t hide the fact that marriage has become less of a priority for the majority of individuals in the recent generation.

Why People Don’t Consider Getting Married

The subculture of people that avoids getting married is growing substantially, and that’s because they often think about it as a financial downfall. People have this mentality that when you get married, you are not financially free to do whatever you want. That makes sense since married couples will share the same amount of property regardless of who earns the most. The conjugal situation will let the other person have an equal right to what’s already established financially, and it somehow creates an imbalance in the relationship.

The Struggle For Financial Capabilities


From the time when a couple decides to get married, both of them will have the same amount of responsibility to sustain their family’s financial status. However, not all couples are privileged to maintain their position and might work under pressure due to the unexpected circumstances that will hinder the other person from providing for the family. Therefore, there’s a tendency that only one of them can produce for the necessary financial needs.

Aside from the struggle of sustaining a good financial state for the family, a person might have difficulties in attaining his personal goals in life, which will lead back to the disregarding of marriage. Some people will look at it as something that is not beneficial for personal growth and that it can only escalate tons of undesirable responsibilities. A person who works for himself can maintain a balanced life while those who decide to get married struggle in their everyday situation invariably. It is somehow the reason why people in this generation want to focus on attaining sustainability first before they settle down and get married.

How Marriage Influences Monetary Crisis


The steady decline of marriage took its toll in recent years, and that’s because people think of it as something that requires a lot of money. Therefore, it is considered not worth it. Though marriage serves as a lifetime commitment and an unbreakable bond between two people, its growth still depends on each of person’s capability to produce money. That’s why some individuals stay financially unstable due to the lack of a goal-oriented attitude. Most of them (if not all) still want to provide for their families. They don’t like to take the risk of committing to something that they can’t accomplish earlier.

Though there’s some truth regarding how people see marriage and its financial approach, it is still considered as something that all people would want to achieve in their lives regardless of how capable they are in providing financial security. Even though some of them see it as a financial downfall, there’s still an ideology that supports the trait as part of a person’s existence.