Playing The Sims And How It Is Similar To Focus Therapy


Have you tried playing The Sims? It is a simulation game where you get to choose your gender, appearance, house, neighborhood, career, or basically everything about your life. It is a virtual second life, and it catches attention because we all love what ifs. That’s the thing with us people; we have many options which most of the time are what make our problems. Imagine a bird worrying about what it would become?

So why is The Sims very addictive? Because it gives the taste of the possibilities that we may not experience in our entire lifetime. What is it like to play The Sims, and how does it compare to focus therapy?

Playing The Sims Allows You To:

Choose Your Gender

The Sims has no room for discrimination, so whether you prefer to be a male or a female, it doesn’t matter. You can choose whichever gender you desire. Maybe this is one of the main features of this game – to make everyone feel less of a person and that we all have a fair choice. Lillian Harris LCPC-C elaborates, “Increasingly we are talking about gender non-binary and transgender people having children in a medical system that does not always understand their needs. All of this will have much to bear on the mental health of the entire family.” Sims allow freedom of expression and that is something.

Choose Your Appearance


It’s a funny thing how most of us don’t like how we look. We tend to envy somebody else’s hair, skin, eyes, nose, lips, and more. The Sims offers a chance to choose all of these. You can choose to be fat or slender, blonde, brunette or dyed, or basically every detail of your body is up for a makeover. Now, who wouldn’t love that?

Choose Your Attitude

Seriously, does anyone prefer to be mean? The Sims also offers an option to choose your aspirations, attitude, and yes, you can choose to be mean. Basically, when you decide what your attitude will be, your Sim will voluntarily act in conformity with your chosen attitude. If you choose to be mean or evil-spirited, that is what your Sim will be, and you will notice how unhappy it can be whenever it does the opposite of what it’s supposed to be.

Choose Your Name

Why do we love aliases? Maybe it is because it gives us the pleasure of being known with another identity than what we originally have. Some say they have an alter ego, and in cases of multiple personality disorder, people tend to say they are somebody else, having a different personality and name. In The Sims, you also get to choose what you want to be called.

Choose Your Neighborhood

In the game, after you choose your gender, appearance, attitude, and name, you will be given an amount of money to decide which neighborhood you want to be in, and the amazing part is you get to build your own home if you wish.

Choose Your Career


When you start playing, your Sim will have offers for a job when it reads the newspaper, use the computer, or read letters from the mailbox. You can choose to be a writer, journalist, chef, detective, athlete, scientist, doctor, musician, entrepreneur, manager, gamer, or even a smuggler if you wish.

Playing The Sims gives us the opportunity to choose and experience our preferred life, but as we play the game, we learn that even though preference from the beginning of the game is essential, it is what we do that makes up our Sim. It is like choosing your own happiness. It explains Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC statement when she sys “Happy people do things differently. They make their emotional wellbeing a priority and practice daily and weekly habits that help them create joy, happiness and satisfaction in their lives.” If you chose to be an athlete from the start of the game, your Sim will most likely love to workout and would definitely hate being idle and eat a lot. You can try to be a chef, but you know what happens to people who are made to do what they hate. They fail at it. Success is possible, but they have to go through many hardships before they can achieve it.

Focus therapy is similar to playing The Sims. It aims for us to focus on what we want to achieve, and it makes us realize the consequences of drifting away from our goal. Also similar to the game is that we have control over ourselves. We get to decide and choose what we prefer, and the game guides us and makes us see how close we are to what we originally wanted. The Sims and focus therapy teach us to concentrate on what we believe is the best choice for us and that every other option is possible, but they make us farther from our goal. Beleive what Marc Romano, PsyD says, “Focus on yourself and your own happiness and do not compare yourself to others.”