The Perfect Venue: Your Essential Tips in Finding One

Finding the best possible venue for the conference is essential to the overall success of the event. At times, it can be overwhelming to decide and will usually be overwhelming. However, in order to succeed and conquer the hurdles, seasoned event planners or amateurs alike should take it as a fun challenge. There are important factors to consider other than the kind of conference that you are organizing and its reason when selecting the appropriate venue.


Know who are the guests and participants.

The largest limitation of venue selection is the capacity to handle the number of guests and invitees expected to arrive. Make sure to have at least a reasonable guesstimate of the number of participants, therefore, eliminating unqualified venue options. Also, consider the needs of the audience.  Take into account previous venues of these types of events as well as the expectations of the guests.

Identify the conference dates



After determining the number of guests expected to arrive, it is best to check the possible dates of the conference. It depends on the flexibility of the event, whether the organizer is willing to be flexible with the dates to get a specific venue or be flexible with the place to get the date they wanted.

Conference dates should be based on the following:

  • When are the times that your guests will most likely be able to attend the conference?
  • What are the possible venues suitable and accessible on those times?

Compute the budget

In the ideal setting with sky’s the limit budget, anyone can plan and organize a great event and have endless venue choices. However, in real life, event planners work with a specific budget. Event planners should always consider from the start of the working budget. Budgeting is essential regardless of the magnitude of the conference. A great event planner can prepare a great event and still maintaining the budget.

Make a site-visit in different locations.

The default locations to look into are hotels and conference centers however they are not the only options available. Be creative and think outside of the box.

  • Is there a particular theme for the conference?
  • Is there a preferred location for the guests?
  • What could be the most convenient location for the attendees?
  • What are stunning locations that could entice people to RSVP?

Locate the right kind of event space

What are the activities for the conference? Would there be presentations such as dancing or exhibition? Will there be a need for a sound system? Will the event entail the use of a speaker’s podium or projector screen? What table set up is needed for the event?


Don’t forget to consider venue services and restrictions

Often, event venues have in-house services that may make the lives of conference planners a bit easier. Look into the type of services they offer and decide which ones add value to the event. Also, some venue has a preferred vendor list which will limit you regarding finding sellers for other services. Other sites have restrictions on the décor or another aspect of the event itself. Make sure to inquire about these small details that might incredibly affect the function.