The Qualities of Successful Conference Event Managers

In 2016, the event coordinator was ranked as the fifth most stressful occupation. They share the same stress levels with professions who are faced with life-threatening situations like those serving in military, police, and firefighters. Running and organizing an event can hit the ceilings from the time of the planning phase up to its actual completion. In order to accomplish this, one should possess a wide range of skills set and nerves made out of concrete cement. The following are top qualities seen in every successful and productive event manager.


They possess effective interpersonal communication skills.

This is an important factor – to have excellent people skills. Their clients can range from top CEOs, political figures, showbiz personalities and even to an average person or group of individuals. Aside from speaking with their clients, they also require speaking with their suppliers, vendors and other members of their team. They also interact with the guests during the event proper. With this in mind, you must be a conflict resolver, confident but lovely negotiator and have the charisma and wit to win an argument.

They show flexibility.  

They are event managers, but in reality, they will take up any role as the need for it arises.  Part of which is to make sure that everything is in place. In order to do this, they are capable of cleaning up and dissipate turmoil to ensure that the whole project is not compromised. They are capable of working efficiently and effectively. Things need to get done right away just to keep the event running.

They are good listeners.


Event organizers must showcase the capability to understand the requests of the stakeholders. You need to bring their vision to life. Managers need to determine their needs and allow all participants to have the same expectations. Pay close attention to an exchange of ideas and conversations as well as points that are left said but expected. Always, communicate to them in a clear and concise manner.

They have tremendous organizational skills.

It is a talent to juggle fifty different things all at once. They are very keen on the minute details and yet they possess multi-tasking prowess for the smooth planning and flawless execution of the event. Veteran planners have developed their signature system of organizing things. They have already established Plan B even if Plan A is not yet set into motion. They plan to make things successful, yet they are adequately prepared if things don’t go as planned.

They have a passion for what they are doing.

With the stress accompanying the job, the passion for organizing events should be present. Sincere love and passion for the job will help you overcome challenges and hurdles because you genuinely enjoy the job. Managerial skills, time management, and leadership qualities can be taught and develop, but there is nothing in this world that can prepare passion.

They can communicate effectively.

Communication between parties when an event is concerned should be definite, firm and no room for error. Communicate with your team members well and ensure everyone is doing their part. Always take criticism with a humble heart and take any mishaps as a venue to discover yourself.  



They are experienced

It is faster for clients to trust you based on your reputation and previous successful events. The job as well becomes easier when you have experienced a range of possible worst-case scenarios. In addition, top-notched managers have a network of trusted colleagues, suppliers, and professionals that they can contact when things cannot be handled internally. For beginners in event organizing, don’t fret on the amount of experience you have presently, it will take time and effort to be tagged as a successful event organizer.