The Trade In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, And Blockchain


Digital currency is starting to get popular these passing years. Although most people are still baffled regarding how it works, many individuals are trying to learn how to dive into the world of block-chaining and cryptocurrency. Currently, a well-known cryptocurrency called bitcoin has reached an astronomical value of $19,000 before the end of last year. It is due to several personalities who have gained massive returns regarding investments on this particular cryptocurrency which resulted in it becoming hype.


How Does It Work?


Every Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin relies on a blockchain technology which makes every transaction with it so secure it is virtually unhackable as said by most experts. The cost for verifying the transaction with cryptocurrency is lesser compared to a central back due to the absoluteness in its operations. However, Bitcoin has quite an expensive verification cost compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Transactions using cryptocurrency happen directly between individuals without the need of going through banks. Whenever an individual uses a cryptocurrency in a deal or transaction, the blockchain will record it and will serve as a digital ledger. Every cryptocurrency has a unique blockchain that is maintained by large computer networks doing complex coding.

Computers group cryptocurrency transactions into a cryptographic function called Block.  A cryptographic-function is a complicated math problem which computers need to solve to send Blocks and add transactions to the blockchain. To make it short, the computer to first explain the complex math problem will get to record its block of the transaction to the blockchain, thus receiving monetary compensation which is a process called crypto-mining. Computers on the network will add the new block to its digital ledger copy then the process restarts.


The Choice Between Investing Or Ignoring


Mutual fund managers are a bit skeptical of the rise of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. It is not a surprise due to these people being professional investors who avoid betting on things that they don’t know how every corner works. To be honest, no one – even experts – can say that they fully understand cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

People will see more and more crypto-funds brought to the market as time goes by. It is a fact that more individuals will become comfortable with cryptocurrency as an investment. We may also see it become conventional for mutual funding in the future and start seeing it as a traditional asset. We may also see the digital currency to evolve and grow a mainstream investment in the future if things go smooth.

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and any digital currency can be exciting and frightening at the same time. The possibilities it can produce is revolutionary. However, there are numerous uncertainties that can make everyone think and step back, although these uncertainties might not hinder individuals who have a strong desire to put some stakes due to the substantial return if successfully done.



We are advancing to a new age, and there will be a time when we no longer need physical currency to make transactions without using the banks. Maybe cryptocurrency and blockchains can be a start for all of these. Everyone has their own opinion regarding this issue. However, it’s all good news as long as it drives us to improve.