Volunteer Resources For Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Other Healthcare Specialists

Plenty of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and other healthcare specialists are finding ways to volunteer and provide their services pro-bono to assist the masses in need. It is still far from meeting the desired quantity of such volunteers to support all the programs around the globe. We are hoping to aid in filling in the current gaps for such kinds of volunteer individuals to increase the efficiency of volunteering projects.

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We have gathered the resources and assets to make it a bit simpler and smoother for volunteering enthusiasts to find ways that can help people which is the most suitable for the professional’s interests, skills, and time allocation. There are a variety of projects that range from a few hours with no harsh commitments to those, which only needs an hour a week to provide therapy. There are also projects that will require short trips up to extended stays in a foreign country.

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There are several exceptional professional services that are accessible online. Examples would be the programs of United Nations in which specialists and professionals would communicate online with international NGOs, educational establishments, organizations, and agencies of the United Nations to assist in addressing developmental hurdles. Organizations, foundations, and support groups are trying to improve their methodology in recruiting, supervising, and deployment of healthcare volunteers to boost the advantage for everyone.

The Resources Include:

There are national programs that assist the returning veterans and their families such as – RSVP, National Social Justice Initiative, United We Serve, MaleSurvivor, and the Red Cross. Organizations match individuals who want to volunteer using agencies and project seeking volunteers such as Global Volunteer Network, AAAS “On Call” Scientists, Volunteer Match, Health Care Volunteer, and International Health Volunteer.

Local programs are Fremont Community Therapy Project, Greater Victoria Citizens’ Counseling Centre in Victoria, The Fostering Connection in New York City, Walk-In Counseling Center in Minneapolis, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics & Walden House in San Francisco, Volunteers in Psychotherapy in Hartford, and The Ark in Chicago.

Programs which focus on foreign countries, borders, and areas such as Psychologists Working with Children with Autism, Counselors Without Borders, Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, Psychology Beyond Borders, International Rescue Committee, Info Nepal, and International Rescue Committee.

The lists and resources above are some of the active programs that offer services for free. In line with that, they can be helpful to professionals who are just beginning to look for a suitable process in volunteering their services for individuals who currently need their skills and knowledge. We only listed several representatives of local programs in hopes that they could serve as models for areas that lack the same volunteering services that focus on health care practicality.

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The base number of psychiatrists, physicians and other healthcare volunteers concerning people with SMI (Severe Mental Illness) is diminutive and inconstant. However, there are numerous potential programs for current and future volunteering. Although many volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, there is still a dire need for volunteers with healthcare professions. The increase of such volunteers will not only profit the populace with SMI but it will also increase life-saving proportions for other programs.