Why Should You Attend A Conference?

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To all those that are now so familiar with it, a conference is a gathering of several people who talk about a particular topic. It is a chance to be informed about new ideas, be introduced to new people and be given an opportunity to visit a place.

Usually, a conference is identified wrongly with a convention, colloquia or symposium. It differs from others when it comes to size and objective. A conference is smaller than a convention.


What are the Purposes of a Conference?

There are many conferences made for these fields: academic, business, and trade. There is what we call “unconference” too.

An academic conference is run for educators and scientists. Research results are unveiled. Workshops may be carried out too. Further, the business conference is organized for people employed in the same industry. They meet to discuss new concepts necessary for the progress of their businesses.

Moreover, trade conference occurs on an unquestionably broader scale. It is made of white paper presentations and workshops. Ordinary people attend to make new connections to businessmen and vendors.

Aside from those types of conferences, an unconference is different from a usual conference. It is commonly budget-friendly and has a bottom-up approach. The participants are all well-informed about the subject matter. Typically, there is no single speaker here.


What are the Advantages of Attending a Conference?

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Attending a conference is a remarkable experience because it helps you enrich your Curriculum Vitae. Many conferences also give freebies and foods to their participants.

Moreover, a conference is helpful to those who want to learn new concepts and methods that can make them better employees and individuals. It also gives them the opportunity to meet different mentors and form new relationships with them.

To those who are in the business industry, attending a conference can help them gain new methods in conducting their businesses. On the other hand, an industry conference is essential for them because, through it, they can collaborate with others.

The trade show exhibit hall at a conference is a great place where people meet industry suppliers. These industry suppliers are knowledgeable about the latest business climates. Make sure to remain connected with them to learn ideas.

Aside from the mentioned above, some companies have tools essential for growth which can be found on their websites. Some conferences give its participants the chance to interact with these devices. Participants can also ask questions that interest them.

Being in a conference gives participants the chance to go out of their comfort zone. They can engage in activities that make them improve themselves. A conference is also a way for them to be more attentive.

Participating in a conference is a good investment for a company and its employees. It opens doors for career growth.  Some introverts learned to be more sociable and made new connections and good friends.


How to Present a Paper at a Conference?

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Presenting a paper at a conference may be scary and nerve-wracking. To get rid of negative feelings while presenting a paper, be sure to prepare well and ahead of time.


  • Remember to make your paper interesting.

Use simple and understandable words in your introduction, body, and conclusion. Define any terms you have mentioned and have a summary of essential matters in the end.

  • Abide by the rules given to you.

If you need to present for only 20 minutes, do so. Do not forget to practice in front of someone who can motivate you and give insights so you can deliver your speaking engagement better.

  • Introduce yourself in a friendly manner.

Stay confident and relaxed. Maintain proper posture while speaking clearly and loudly enough so you can get the attention of your audience. Keep on having eye contact with your listeners.

  • Transitions are useful to have a smooth presentation. Be sure to use them.
  • Allow your listeners to ask you questions.

They can have a better understanding of your topic by asking. If you do not know the answer to a question given to you, you may provide your contact details and answer later.


Do not hesitate to thank your listeners for being at the conference.