We’re Back


The Future of Focusing


What is new and alive for you with Focusing? What new applications, research, crossings and discoveries are you encountering with Focusing? What fresh perspectives are you working on for which you would like feedback? We look forward to a conference full of new ideas and evolving methods of using Focusing in your teaching, professional and community work as well as daily and spiritual life.


We want this conference to honor the history, depth and richness of our Focusing traditions while holding an open space for what is newly emerging and perhaps best explored and co-created together. We encourage you to share from the place in your own process and development which is most enlivening and generative.


We hope you will join us. From the “Pause” to the “Philosophy of the Implicit,” from the simplest to the most complex, we’re looking forward to your participation!


Your hands-on participation is vital to the planning of this conference. Please visit our Collaborative Planning Space where you can:


let us know what you are inspired to share with others

let us know what you have been wondering about and would love to see offered,

join or initiate a collaborative discussion group.