Tips In Dealing With Someone Who Is In Focus Therapy

Do you know of a person who is seeing a therapist at the moment? Are you having a difficult time in understanding this individual? What you must know at this point is the fact that therapy can change the lives of people. In the process of seeking professional help, the person involved may become challenging to deal with.


In this article, we are going to discuss or talk about the effective ways on how you can handle and maintain a harmonious relationship with this person. It will take time before you would be able to adjust to the situation. However, as long as you show dedication in making it happen, everything is going to be okay. Here are the some of the things you need to know:


Have Empathy


The fact that a person is seeing a focus therapist or counselor means that he has personal troubles.It is like Chris Corbett, PsyD says, “There are many reasons why people come to therapy. Sometimes it is to deal with long-standing psychological issues, or problems with anxiety or depression.” Because of this, there is a high tendency that his attitude will change especially in the way he treats you. Never allow this to bring you down or hate him in any way. Instead, show him that you understand the situation. Never make him feel sorry because the truth is that things are already difficult for him.


Be Patient


Aside from being understanding, you must also be patient with this person. Take note that things are shaky in his life. The last thing he needs is criticism or hatred from you. Give him time to process the situation. It is not easy on his part to act indifferent towards you. Whether you believe it or not, the reality is that a person in therapy sometimes loses control of his deeds or acts. He is going through an experience that is heartbreaking or challenging to face. This is the reason why he needs to feel that the people around him remain patient.


Show Support


Brie Shelly, MS, LMHC, RYT  satates that “Exploring your past, present, and future experiences and mental health symptoms is challenging work and require a huge dose of internal motivation, dedication, and courage.” Remember that your support means a lot to an individual who is going through therapy. Do not hesitate to let this person know that he can count on you no matter what happens. Make him feel that he can talk to you at any time of the day. Remind him that you can be trusted with his secrets and stories. Most importantly, never give him an impression that you do not care about his thoughts or emotions. Otherwise, you can prevent his fast recovery.


Avoid Judgments


“Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act,” says Catherine Cleveland M.S., LMHC-P. As much as possible, make an effort to keep your judgments within yourself. Keep in mind that you do not have the right to judge a person who is striving to get better through therapy sessions. If you have nothing good to say, then stay away from the said individual. Be sensitive enough by being careful in whatever you tell him. You have no idea how much your actions or words can hurt someone. The right thing to do is to increase the motivation of this person. Let him know that you are happy and proud of his steps in treating his mental illness.


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Learning To Focus In A Distracted World

The world abounds in distraction. Emails, video software, and real-time communication systems enable people to communicate at any time, even in the wee hours of the morning. Social media screams to be noticed, designed to capture our attention to maximize our usage of the software. In the pursuit of productivity, people are pressured to cram more in less time. In this tense atmosphere, it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on what really matters instead of just being stuck in a reactive mode.

However, learning how to focus is even more critical in this hectic world. To truly become productive, people must learn how to filter out distractions and to zero in on the crucial tasks that need to be done. This practice is better said than done, though, but by understanding how focus and distraction work, we will be better able to craft strategies that will help us preserve our focus.

The Science Of Focus


The thought processes of humans involve two systems. The first system is more autonomic and is designed to respond quickly to stimuli without involving much conscious thought. Meanwhile, the second system processes information that requires deeper attention and more time for thinking.

For complex decisions, using the second system is preferred as it reduces mistakes and results in better solutions. However, the capacity of the second system is limited as it can only process so much information at the time. When the second system overloads, the first system is activated to help with the influx of information. Hence, people who are overwhelmed tend to act impulsively and to make decisions without much rumination, resulting in more mistakes and lower productivity. This overloading is how distractions, which increase the information that needs to be processed by the brain, can gravely affect focus.



At this point, you might think focus is something that is easy to work on. Maybe you think that you can handle all the distractions yourself and that you can filter out the crucial work from the menial tasks. Unfortunately, willpower will only get you so far. According to Alicia H. Clark, Psy.D., “The best progress happens when you apply what you’ve learned outside that setting, in your real life.” Analyzing what information matters in an ad hoc manner also consumes some of your mental processing power, which can lead to exhaustion and information overload. Many of the software we use, such as social media apps, is also designed to attract attention, and it would take a lot of mental effort to ignore them.

“The rise and growing significance of social media has caused an influx of mental health concerns, such as low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Now is the time to start paying attention to how social media is influencing your life choices and mental health.” That is according to Brie Shelly, MS, LMHC, RYT. To make things easier, avoid sources of distraction altogether. Deactivate notifications so that you only receive crucial ones, and silence your phone especially during times when you need to focus. Reduce your social media consumption, and consider using software that limits your social media access to specific hours only or for a set amount of hours daily. Work in an environment that is free of clutter, as rummaging stuff to look for a lost item wastes time and can be very distracting.

Give Yourself Space


“So much of mental health work is about giving people a space to be witnessed and held while sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of human life.” Lillian Harris LCPC-C said. So no matter how busy your schedule is, it is still essential you have time to relax and unwind. You are more likely to be affected by distractions when you are stressed since the second system discussed earlier requires some mental energy to operate. Make sure that you set even just a few minutes every day to relax that you cannot be disturbed by any distractions during this time. In essence, this would help you maintain focus in our distracted world.

How To Best Handle Anxiety Attacks 

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues suffered by many people all over the world. Unfortunately, a lot of people make a mistake of thinking that anxiety attacks are just manifestations of their state of being nervous. However, the truth is that when someone experiences anxiety attacks, it means that he has a mental illness or an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Always remember that failure to do this can lead to more severe complications.



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