The Best Health And Wellness Apps For A Healthier Life

The 2017 Nutrition Conference held in Arkansas discussed new ideas and concepts on poultry nutrition to increase poultry production. Technical experts came together to help attain the goal by sharing their knowledge on the matter. Technology plays a massive role in diet for animals and humans alike, and it’s best to maximize its capability. For humans, you don’t have to manually compute your daily calorie intake, or check all your cookbooks for the best diets. There’s an app for all of those. Check out the best health and wellness apps that will help you gain a healthier life.

Deliciously Ella


Are you aware that you won’t have to scan for numerous recipe books to search for a healthy diet? With the help of Deliciously Ella, you’ll have access to the best plant-based recipes in the world. All of the dishes presented in this app are gluten-free, vegan friendly, and refined sugar-free – perfect for someone with a Veganuary pledge! 


If you applied for membership in a gym chain, then this app should be your go-to. Its goal is to help a user organize his or her check-ins, workout routine, fitness goals, and more. Not only that. This app also enables you to schedule a workout class using your phone, so it sets everything for you. It also houses a strike system that will allow you to cancel your reservation, as long as it’s a maximum of three hours before your class. 


Streak is a program that helps you establish good habits. Although it’s not necessarily intended for health and wellness, you can still tailor it to this area. Streaks give you the freedom to put 12 tasks that you should complete every day. Your goal is to build a streak by accomplishing those activities on consecutive days. Some things that you can set here may include going for a run every morning, eating vegetables at least once a day, or climb 100 stair steps. 



Do you love going on hikes or being outdoors? If yes, then make sure to install AllTrails as soon as possible. It is an ultimate guide that features more than 65,000 trail guides from the various people around the world. Make sure to check the photos, reviews, ratings, and trail difficulty in each option to ensure whether this trail is the right one for you.